Exchange Program (ESP)

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  • Is it possible to apply directly to Sogang to participate in the Exchange Student Program? 화살표 아이콘

    No, students must apply to the exchange student program through the Study Abroad/International Office at their home institutions.

  • How can I participate in your program (non-degree program) as an exchange student or visiting studen 화살표 아이콘

    In order to participate in the exchange student program, the home university must be a partner university to Sogang. Yet, taking classes at Sogang as a visiting student is possible in other cases if you have completed at least one year at a four year institution. For an application to Sogang, please refer to the Exchange Program menu on the website of the Office of International Affairs. 

  • Does Sogang go by semesters or terms? 화살표 아이콘

    The academic year at Sogang is composed of two semesters: Spring Semester(1st semester) is from March to June and Fall Semester(2nd semester) is from September to December. For more information, please refer to "Academics"-"Academic Calendar" on our English website. 

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